Cement manufacturer sticks with Klüber

av lars@3decemberproduction.com

A cement manufacturer that has used Kluber lubricants for many years has decided to use the company’s products for a wind farm it also owns.vindkraftspark_till_havs-1.png

The wind farm consists of 40 NEG MICON wind turbines, each using the Flender Gearbox SZAK2425.

Each gearbox was previously filled with 55 litres of oils, ranging from mineral oil to synthetic PG and PAO, with oil-change intervals of 5000 to 7000 hours.

Operating temperature with mineral oil was approximately 90C, resulting in pitting marks, oxidation of oil, regular overhauls of gear boxes and replacements, resulting in huge maintenance costs.

The synthetic options trialled were better than the mineral oils but still did not meet the expectations of the engineers such as: longer oil-change intervals, increased machine availability, enhanced gear-box lives and reduced operating temperatures.

Following initial discussions, Klubersynth GEM 4-320N was proposed with technical arguments such as longer oil-change intervals and better lubricity and reliability.

In addition to the supply of lubricants, Kluber also provided lubricant analysis and technical and service support during the oil changes.

The results of extensive trials over the past five years have been conclusive.

Due to lower operating temperatures – 15C less than previously experienced (better viscosity at operating parameters and better lubricity) after more than 20,000 hours of operation – the condition of the gearboxes was excellent and the oil was still in good condition.

There have been no operational or maintenance problems reported during the trial period, resulting in a reduction in maintenance and improvement in overall productivity.

Benefits of the Klubersynth GEM 4-320N lubricant have included: oil only needs to be changed every 20,000 hours; operating temperature has been reduced by 15C; and productivity has been improved.